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Wallet Closure 7 1/2in wide in Nickel

These Wallet Closures are the bars that sit on the top edges of wallets & purses. You put the back on one side and the front (with hole) on the other and pull them together to close your wallet up tight. The flip part clicks in place nicely for security. They are prepackaged and come with 10 screws (8 are needed, 2 are extra). Each bar has protective plastic that needs to be removed during installation. (Some of the plastic is visible in the photos.) 1 Wallet Closure per package.

IMPORTANT NOTE: These bar closures are open on each end so they can be used on wallets and bag flaps that are also wider than 7-1/2in wide. They are not closed at the ends, which would limit them on only 7-1/2in wallets, you can use them on larger sizes and also bag flaps These go with Companion Wallet Patterns: SBM3521 (Roxy Accordian Wallet) & SBM3460 (Rozy Slimline Wallet)

  • Color: Gray
  • Made of: Metal
  • Use: Bag Hardware
  • Size: 7.5in long
  • Included: One Wallet Closure