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Faith and Fabric Risen Quilt Pattern

This Christian Easter Cross quilt pattern speaks RISEN!

The cross, a dark contrast to the bright background, looks like the wooden cross on which Jesus hung.

The lighter circles within the cross - five in total – suggest the head, torso, arms, and legs. The focus isn't death here, though - it's the brilliance of the resurrection.

Bright white emits from behind the cross, fading into pinks, purples, and blues.

The purple is minimized as Lent is over, and the joyous Easter season has begun!

Create this quilt for yourself; it's a great scrap buster for those pinks, purples, and blues - and a beautiful heirloom for years to come!

-Jen Frost of Faith and Fabric

Pattern includes instructions to create two different quilt sizes: Large Quilt Size: 55in x 65in Small Quilt Size: 27-1/2in x 32-1/2in