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Quilters Dream Angel King

Dream Angel 120" x 122"

Dream Angel Flame Retardant Quilt Batting
 is made of fibers that are specially engineered to be inherently flame retardant. The fibers are designed not to melt or flow when in contact with flame.
The fibers are inherently flame retardant with no chemical coatings and no PBDEs. 
Dream Angel Batting can be machine washed and dried and will not lose the flame retardant quality. 
Dream Angel was tested by an independent laboratory and meets both international standards and the Technical DRAFT CAL 604*.

Quilters Dream Angel Features:

  • Two types of inherently flame retardant fibers are used in our proprietary blend.
  • The Flame retardant fibers are blended, carded, crosslapped & needlepunched into a beautiful, soft, cozy batting, very resistant to creasing. 
  • Heavenly for both hand and machine quilting. 
  • Confidently stitch up to 6″ apart. 
  • No need to prewash.  Minimal Shrinkage.
  • Finished quilt may be machine washed & dried.  
  • Dream Angel drapes beautifully and is excellent for hand and machine quilting.