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Kantha Cloth - Charmed Onyx

Kantha Cloth - Charmed Onyx
100% Cotton
44" Wide

Traditionally, Kantha was handmade by women and passed down from generation to generation, much like a lovely pieced quilt.
Kantha is an incredibly old technique that originated in Bangladesh and West Bengal and was made from sarees and other garments that were no longer wearable.
"Kantha" is a Sanskrit word meaning "rags", whichwere believed to keep people safe from harm.

These prints featured are derived from Val's handcarved blocks she uses to create hand-stamped block printed fabrics. These hand-stamped fabrics are then hand-screen printed in India, cut and pieced together.
They are then hand-stitched by skilled artisans, from small villages in one area of India, who are versed in the traditions of Kantha.
These talented women earn a fair wage to use their skills, true to the craft, combining this age-old tradition with the patchwork fabrics.