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Featherweight Adjuster's Manual

Replica Singer Featherweight 221 Adjusters Service Manual. 
This manual is an exact replica of those originally provided to the Singer Sewing Machine Technicians, we have even designed it to have that vintage feel and look.
The information it provides is not only informative for knowing all the inner workings of your machine, but will also show you how to service it yourself. 

We are often asked "What is the difference between the Adjuster's Manual and the Service Manual?" 
The answer to that is that they are both similar and different.  The Adjuster's Manual looks and feels just like the original,
whereas the Service Manual was provided to technicians in sheet form so they could add it to their loose leaf Servicing binder (which included information for all the Singer machines they serviced)

The technical information is similar in both manuals but they also differ on a few details. 

The Adjuster's Manual has more electrical information, whereas the Service Manual has more expanded and exploded views of the Featherweight parts.

We recommend having both, but they are equally a stand alone guide as well. 

Whatever you prefer to use to reference and service your machine, whether it be one or the other or both, will be adequately suitable.