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Featherweight 221 Maintenance & Service Handbook

In 1933, The Singer Manufacturing Co. introduced a new sewing machine. Lightweight but sturdy, both portable and reliable, the Singer Featherweight was destined to become an iconic sewing machine. 

All these years later, the Featherweight is still prized by the sewing community as both a collectors item, and as a practical sewing machine.
With simple to use forward and reverse stitching, and a seemingly endless array of attachments and accessories for advanced stitching techniques, a Featherweight in working condition is a joy to use for sewists of every skill level. 

Keeping a Featherweight in working condition does require some skill and knowledge of the machine.
While servicing vintage sewing machines is somewhat of a lost art, the Featherweight is not an overly complicated machine, and the skills for its upkeep may be easily learned.
Those that use and are familiar with their machine will be a quick study. 

With this handbook, we aim to provide the best do-it-yourself guide to maintaining and troubleshooting your Singer Featherweight model 221 (separate handbook coming soon for the 222 model Featherweight).

Within, you will find step by step photo tutorials with detailed and clear instructions for everything from basic maintenance to more intensive repair.

In addition to photos, you will find scannable QR codes throughout that will link you directly to video tutorials, research information, and even recommended tools and supplies for simplifying the task at hand.
Scan the QR Code  for answers and help with advanced mechanical repair beyond routine maintenance and troubleshooting. 

The manual itself is designed to stand and display for easy reading and page flipping as you work. Work front to back from pages 1-42 then turn book around working through remaining pages 43-83.
Pages are waterproof, oil resistant, and can be easily wiped clean. 

We hope you will find it a worthy companion to your Featherweight and help you keep you machine humming for years to come!

NOTE: Being that the books have plasticized pages for waterproof and maintenance-proof care, it is important to remember that the book not be left in a hot vehicle or placed near hot surfaces.